The Hope Deck
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Thanks to everyone who supported this project!
Use the Hope Deck to
Discover the Joy of Living
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What is the Hope Deck?
Simply put, the Hope Deck a tool that helps us stay connected with God and His truth not just during quiet time, but throughout the day! 

Place any of the 30 uniquely designed cards around your home or office for a constant reminder of God's presence.
The Hope Deck
Stock your gift drawer with Hope Decks &
Have a thoughtful gift on hand for ANY occasion!
A meaningful gift of encouragement...
Friends are so grateful and excited to receive a gift that connects them with God in such a simple way.
“I am loving the Hope Deck! Right now I have it next to my bed and I meditate on (or at least read) one each morning :)”
Katie s., Atlanta, GA
My name is Jen, and I keep Jesus on speed dial. 🙏🏻
Me and my pookie bears at Yellowstone this summer!
I also use copious amounts of emojis 😳🤪🤣 and exclamation points!!!

I created the Hope Deck to thank friends who reminded me during a REALLY DARK SEASON OF LIFE - keep Jesus on speed dial! Back then I had no clue I'd be creating a product that helps others stay close to God too. Crazy how you can look back and see the path you couldn't see while you were on it! 😍 People really love it and I hope you will too!!!! <-- a few extra exclamation points just for emphasis 🤣
"Our son is a lieutenant in the army and is going through Ranger school so I'm sending them to him every couple of days for encouragement.

I love these cards! Thanks so much!"
Harriet R., Clinton, MS